Vision & Mission

Oliva believes peace is possible.

We partner with clients who are seeking to advance human rights, leading to freedom for persecuted and oppressed populations, while building pluralistic resilient communities. 

Founder & Principal
Dr. Christine M. Sequenzia, MDiv.

Dr. Christine Sequenzia, MDiv. is an experienced government relations and biblical justice professional, whom successfully transitioned her political savvy and passion for the oppressed into careers with the International Justice Mission, the National Association of Evangelicals and other justice seeking NGOs. She is a fierce advocate, impassioned speaker, and fervent friend of the exploited and marginalized.


She has traveled to over 15 countries, including to serve refugees in the MENA region and sex trafficking survivors in Central America. She finds joy in serving the oppressed by galvanizing multifaith and multidisciplinary teams toward strategic domestic and foreign diplomacy. Currently, Dr. Christine serves as the co-chair of the International Religious Freedom Campaign to Eliminate Blasphemy and Apostasy Laws.

Dr. Sequenzia went on to receive both a Doctor of Ministry ('21 International Development) and Master of Divinity ('18 International Development) from Fuller Theological Seminary, following the completion of the High Performance Leadership Certificate at Cornell University and receiving a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University. 


She has spent over 15yrs working and writing for members of the U.S. Congress, international non-profit organizations and private publications. Dr. Christine  has been profiled in The Hill, CQ Today, CQ Weekly, and Politico.


Christine resides North Dallas with her two children and their Great Dane.


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